InnerSpace Electronics wins newly added Best Home Technology category at 2018 HOBI Awards. Here’s why it matters.

It was a crisp November evening in Plantsville, CT as home builders, architects, designers and contractors gathered at the Aqua Turf Club for the 25th Anniversary HOBI Awards gala. The event is presented by the Home Builders & Remodelers Association of Connecticut (HBRA) and recognizes design-build professionals projects incorporating the best products and services in a variety of categories including new home construction, remodeling, commercial construction, land development, sales, marketing and finance.

Best Home Technology HBRA HOBI Awards

From left to right: Peter Fusaro, 2017-18 HBRA Board Chair & President; Barry Reiner, President & CEO InnerSpace Electronics; Andrea Reiner, Co-founder & CFO, InnerSpace Electronics; Jennifer LaBollita, Director of Sales & Marketing, InnerSpace Electronics; Gina Romanello, Sales & Marketing Manager, InnerSpace Electronics; Chris Nelson, 2017-18 HBRA First Vice Chairman & VP.


This year was a special time at the event for us; we were honored to be named the 2018 Best Home Technology award winner. The project we submitted for was a lovely home in Greenwich, CT that included a full Savant home automation system allowing ease of control over a whole-home music system, a video distribution system, an intercom phone system, a large Lutron lighting control system, motorized window treatments and outdoor insect screens, thermostat controls, a high-quality Wifi network system, and a property surveillance system.

In true collaborative fashion, our project management and engineering team worked closely with the project architect, builder, electrician, lighting designer and other trades leaving no detail untouched and enabled us to deliver a reliable, user-friendly smart home with remote management capabilities giving the homeowners overall peace of mind, enhancing the quality of life.


The Best Home Technology award category was originally introduced into the HOBI award program in 2017, however, 2018 was the first year a winner was selected. The addition of this category showcases the demand of home technology controls emerging into the build process. Partnering up with a low-voltage electronics contractor earlier in the design phase of a home build or renovation ensures the home is adequately wired and designed to support these systems.


With over thirty years delivering beautiful, sustainable and intelligently connected homes and a service staff to support and increase the longevity of a system, we are a partner to rely on. To see images of this year’s event, please visit the HOBI Award Gallery or see the list of winners here.

To learn more about our services or to speak with one of our design professionals, contact us here.


The Foundation to your Smart Home | The Network

Many facets of life require a foundation to build upon. In the professional world, education is the foundation to developing success. In construction of homes and buildings, a sturdy foundation is necessary to support the infrastructure. Our roadways are developed with a foundation to support traffic. The foundation is the first step in achieving results and the mission at hand.  

Similarly, as technology advances and as more and more devices in our homes and our personal lives require internet access, a robust home network is necessary in order to support bandwidth, speed, and proper coverage. In the home a network is the foundation to protecting data, supporting multiple electronics and multiple streaming devices being used concurrently, and provide the necessary coverage to avoid dropouts or slower connections. Additionally, as devices continue to be introduced in the marketplace as smart home enabled, a thoughtfully engineered home network will scale to support the increase in connected home devices.  

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Data Protection and Security Home Network Professional

Gone are the days when it was safe for homeowners to leave their doors unlocked when they were on or off premise. Today would you leave your door unlocked for anyone to have access to enter? Think of your home network as a similar entry point for intruders. An unsecured network easily allows hackers as well as curious neighborhood children/neighbors to enter your home and get access to all your personal data and private information. It’s exactly like leaving all your doors unlocked.  

Separating your guest network from your primary network is good practice to improve security. This means that your guests can share your high-speed network but have no access into your primary network. Basically, like giving them a key to the guest house instead of the entire house. 

Improved Performance 

Network improve performanceImagine this scenario. You’re watching a movie on your favorite video streaming service, music is streaming in the kitchen and dining room as dinner is being prepared, the kids are upstairs one is playing video games, the other relentlessly searching the internet working on a research paperYou’re running an unmanaged network with one Wifi extender upstairs and often the music skips out, the video pauses while it downloads more of the content, the video game cuts offline right when they were about to get to the next level, and the internet is just slow and taking forever to load. Don’t allow this to happen to your family.   

The demand for bandwidth continues to grow quickly, as new devices continue to enter the home. This combined with concurrent usage by all occupants means that upgrading your networking equipment will significantly improve speed and overall performance.  

Networking gear that fails to take advantage of 5GHz or more recent standards such as IEEE 802.11ac or 802.11ax is outdated and can be the root of poor performance and slower upload/download speeds. If your network is an unmanaged network, a simple addition of a controller will greatly improve performance. Keeping your equipment updated through firmware will also ensure you’re running the most current versions.  

Separating traffic on your network into multiple ‘virtual’ networks can synchronously improve performance while improving security. A solid network will segment multiple networks within your main network to allow each system to essentially operate off their own network, therefore causing less disruption across all your devices when they are being used simultaneously.  

Reliable Coverage 

Have you ever noticed that as you walk around your house, your Wifi signal becomes weaker or drops off completely in certain locations? It’s due to a lack of access points that allow you to carry the signal throughout the home. In a home with multiple levels or walls that can lessen signal strength, proper location of wireless access points will help to carry the signal throughout the home. Intelligent access points communicate with your portable devices and switch your device’s Wi-Fi connection to the closest access point based on your location. It eliminates the guesswork and frustration of reconnecting to the home network.  home network reliable coverage

Equipment also plays a role in providing adequate coverage. Old, dated equipment is often operating on older technologies, and signal strength is not as disbursed in range as newer gear. A simple and less costly solution can be to add more access points, and update firmware. 

Future-Proofing and Maintenance 

Investing in your home network is a logical step in future proofing your home setting it up to support new technologies that are designed to make our lives easier. You want a home network that can easily be upgraded, provides security and data protection, and presents seamless coverage to ensure peace of mind and greater usability.  

Counting on a professional to not only install your home network but to also maintain it will make your investment go even further. As network professionals we are trained to provide system updates, maintain and remotely manage your security settings, troubleshoot to resolve any issues prior to you becoming aware, and keep you educated.  

Network Evaluation 

At InnerSpace Electronics our commitment is to engineer secure and reliable networks. Our team of network specialists are highly trained and have earned multiple certifications on networking best practices.    

If you’re unsure of where your network stands or if it’s time to upgrade, take this quick questionnaire.  


If you know you are due for an upgrade or maintenance, contact us today for your complimentary consultation.

5 Notable Moments of 2018

It’s that time of the year when people tend to reflect on the year soon to pass in anticipation of setting goals for the new year. Where did we succeed? What could we have done better? What special moments and milestones were celebrated?  

A company shares in the same reflections as any individual. While we are eager to move into a new year abound with new goals, we’d like to take a moment to reflect on 2018. Here are 5 of our most notable moments from the year:  


We celebrated our 30th birthday 30 years technology excellence

They say thirties are the new twenties, and boy are we thriving! In 1988 founders Barry & Andrea Reiner formed InnerSpace Electronics, Inc. This year marked our 30th year in business as Home Technology Professionals delivering innovative solutions that improve overall quality of life within the home. A huge shout out goes to our loyal and trusted clients and partners that not only supported us this far but have enabled us to continue to grow and expand around technology in the home. Read more about our company here 



Staff Investments

To remain relevant and stay ahead of the curve in an ever-changing technology landscape, it’s imperative that we keep our talent well-educated and trained in all the latest technologies. This year we invested across many different areas of our business through vendor and industry-related training programs.  

On-Staff Lighting Designer 

In support of our lighting division expansion offering lighting design services and selling and specifying light fixtures, Elizabeth Quisgard in our engineering department achieved the American Lighting Association (ALA) Lighting Specialist certification. It encompasses every aspect of the residential lighting industry, including industry trends, technology and technical developments.  

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Continuing Education 

We also enrolled our engineering team in the Vantage Lighting Controls certification program to maintain and develop their skills with this control system. Expanding our knowledge of another lighting control platform enables us to offer multiple options matched to client / project requirements.  

Raising best-in-class technicians and installers 

As a requirement, all our technicians are required to participate in training through the industry-accredited Maverick Technical Institute, certifying those who wish to pursue a certificate as a Low-Voltage Technician (LVT). This program offers hands-on classroom training of proper installation techniques raising qualified installers with a strong background in A/V and low-voltage electronics. By putting our technicians and installers through this program, we are ensuring you are getting best-in-class technicians with the skills and experience mitigating your risk for careless installs, messy racks, and weak business practices.  

Growth through new hires   

Thanks to our continued success, we’ve been able to scale the business accordingly and add new members to our team roster in our sales, operations, and IT departments. These additions bring unique skills that enhance our business goals and we look forward to seeing their impact in the new year. 


Product Expansion

For many years we’ve been designing and installing lighting control systems. It was only natural for us to start specifying and selling compatible light fixtures that are focused on the future of LED lighting. In order to become an authorized reseller vendors typically set extensive requirements such as volume minimums, product training, and demo equipment orders that need to be met.  This year we focused on adding the following brands to our product portfolio:  

DMF Lighting

DMF Lighting manufacturers high-quality LED light in a small, affordable package. Available in a wide range of trims, color temperature, lumen output, and dimming capabilities, this brand is an innovative solution outside of your traditional housing cans, with all the necessary ratings.  


KetraKetra is focused on flexibility and simplicity. Recently acquired by Lutron, they offer full-range color options, human-centric lighting programs to match and enhance circadian rhythm, high output and beam spread options, and a variety of aperture and trim options.  


Finire and FLutroninire Prime extend a variety of apertures, trims, and color temperatures. Known for their dimming performance, they are compatible with the Lutron Eco System driver, and come in multiple beam spread options.  


USAI Lighting is known for high quality, high performance fixtures. With many options available to meet various installation scenarios, these fixtures come in a variety of color temperatures, with a variety of openings and finishes.  



We’ll be hitting the road in 2019 educating on the various fixture types available to the design-build community. Contact us to sign up for our lighting demo to learn more about the newest in LED technology. We bring lunch to your office! Learn more about our lighting division here. 


Award-winning Installations

We strive for continued excellence. Our partnerships are built on collaboration and communication. Our project management skills maintain accountability and ensure we deliver results. Many of our projects are noteworthy homes designed by leaders and innovators in their respective trade. Vendor recognition, and support of the design-build community keeps us all working with a shared mission – to deliver outstanding forward-thinking homes. Here are our leading awards for 2018: 

Lutron Excellence AwardLutron Excellence Award for Best Use of Lutron’s High-Performance LED Fixtures 

Partnering with the project architect, builder, lighting designer and client we delivered an award-winning Lutron QS system comprised of 330 Ivalo Finire fixtures and earning us the 2018 Lutron Excellence Award for Best Use of Lutron’s High-Performance LED Fixtures.  

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HOBI Award for Best Connected Home 

As members of the Home Builders & Remodelers Association of Fairfield County (HBRA), we were ecstatic to learn we were awarded the Best Connected Home award. The technology component of their award program is in its second year, which speaks to the growing support of partnering with technology experts at the design stage to deliver award-winning results. The winning home was built on collaboration with multiple trades, and a leading builder in the marketplace.  


Industry Affiliations and Dealer Status Updates


HTA Certified Estate DealerHTA is a new association designed to connect homeowners, and design-build professionals with integration firms. We met the extensive qualifications of the Estate certification, the highest designation to be received. This association is built around three pillars: Technical Competency, Aftercare Service, and Reputation. Partnering with a HTA Certified installer guarantees they are skilled at the level your project requires. 


Lutron Diamond Elite Dealer

We are once again recognized as a Diamond Elite Dealer with Lutron based on our 2017 sales volume. A Diamond Elite Dealer must meet volume requirements over $750K within a fiscal year. In order to achieve this volume, our team from sales to engineering needs to be extremely proficient with their product line and technical requirements. We are proud to commit to and support a leading brand of lighting controls, and motorized window treatments.   

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Savant Gold Dealer

As Savant dealers for many years, we continuously maintain their requirements to meet the high standards of a Gold dealer. A Gold Savant Dealer has at least two years of Savant experience and additional certifications for advanced features and area lighting control.   




One thing we can lookback and takeaway from 2018 is our investment for continued growth and excellence. Our partnerships with the design-build community and client relationships look to us as subject matter experts in the realm of home technology. It is imperative that we maintain thought-leadership to continue to drive value, innovation, and solutions that supersede expectations.  

We have some high ambitions set for the new year and look forward to enhancing our relationships through education, collaboration, and service. Thank you to all our loyal partners and clients for a successful 2018, and we wish you all a happy, healthy and prosperous 2019!

Honored by Lutron Electronics for Project Excellence

Now in its 15th year, Lutron Electronics annual Excellence Awards competition recognizes Lutron system providers around the globe.

Lutron LED Lighting Fixtures

InnerSpace Electronics, Inc. has won for “Best Use of Lutron’s High-Performance LED Fixtures”

InnerSpace Electronics, Inc., a premier custom electronics and home technology integrator has won the 2018 Excellence Award for “Best Use of Lutron’s High-Performance LED Fixtures” from lighting and shading control leader Lutron Electronics. The announcement was made at the Custom Electronics Design and Installation (CEDIA) industry leading conference.


Established in 2003, the Lutron Excellence Awards competition recognizes the world’s best projects that use Lutron lighting, shading, and temperature controls, Lutron Ivalo fixtures, plus third-party equipment, voice control, and more. More than 100 of Lutron’s residential system providers have won a total of 160 Excellence Awards since the competition’s beginnings.

“It’s an honor to recognize these stellar customers for their outstanding use of Lutron products and their continued dedication to the industry,” said Michael Smith, Vice-President ­– Sales at Lutron. “These companies have truly raised the bar and set a high standard of industry excellence.”

“Lutron lighting control systems have been part of our service catalog for many years. Our expertise in designing sophisticated lighting control systems and the support we’ve received from Lutron has enabled us to expand our business and knowledge base into additional segments of lighting including lighting design services, and specifying and supplying light fixtures. Bridging the gap across all facets of a lighting plan, we have the ability to deliver on high-performance, energy-efficient, and award-winning installations that enhance a space and provide overall peace of mind”, said Barry Reiner, President of InnerSpace Electronics, Inc.

This year’s competition received more than 100 entries from around the world, which were judged by a panel of industry veteran journalists.

Learn more about our lighting services here or contact us to schedule a consultation.


3 reasons why InnerSpace Electronics should be your lighting designer and fixture supplier on residential projects

Light is an important part of our personal environment. It affects how we see and how we feel. We spend most of our lives under electric light – in our homes, schools, offices, stores, even outdoor spaces. But not all light is created equal.

The right light helps us live and work better. It can make visual tasks, such as reading, easier. It can set the mood for a space – vivid and energizing in a home office or gym, or warm and intimate for a dinner party. It can accentuate the colors and textures of fine furnishings. The right light may even help us sleep better.




For over 30 years we’ve been involved in controlling these environments through lighting control systems such as Lutron, working closely with architects, home builders, and interior designers to create programmable environments based on a client’s needs and desires. A residential project’s lighting control is directed through predetermined lighting plans and typically contains specified fixtures selected in earlier phases of construction that may present challenges when it’s time to program the control system. This can cause a great deal of strife for all parties involved and even delay a project while sorting out compatibility issues between fixtures and programming.

As A/V and Lighting Control Specialists, the lack of control we have on a project at this stage of the game opened up an opportunity for us. It was important to claim a majority stake in the lighting development stage to ensure the best possible lighting experience and control for our customers.




In order to achieve this we invested in our tenured lighting control engineers and provided them the means to earn their certifications as ALA Lighting Specialists, and in Lutron HomeWorks Illumination and QS. Additionally, through our long-standing partnership with the nationally recognized Home Technology Specialists of America (HTSA), we have access to an expert designer to support our team.

Our service benefits projects of any size that lack an appointed lighting designer or need a backup design team to review existing plans and provide recommendations that will further enhance the original design.




Resources geared up, our next step was to expand our brand portfolio to include lighting fixtures giving us greater leverage to specify and sell high performance, energy efficient, state-of-the-art LED fixtures that are compatible with the most popular lighting control systems. We are pleased to announce our new offerings from Lutron Ivalo Finiré, USAI Lighting, Ketra, and DMF Lighting. Whether for new construction or retrofit renovation projects, we have an appropriate fixture that fits. With a range of color options, from classic, consistent white, to dimming cycles that stimulate the patterns of natural daylight, to a rainbow of saturated colored light, the possibilities are endless.

USAI Lighting, Lutron, Ketra, DMF, lighting design

Through direct relationships with these manufacturers, we are competitively priced to meet a variety of project scopes and budgets. Lead times tend to be reduced by cutting out multiple middle men commonly used in traditional purchasing channels.

Furthermore, coupling our design services at the beginning with specifying and purchasing the fixtures in the middle alleviates any compliance issues at the last stage when it’s time to program the lighting control system; therefore, miscommunications are prevented, delays are lessened, budgets are met, and longstanding relationships are developed.



Lutron Excellence Award Best Use of high-performance LED light fixtures, lighting designDELIVERING AWARD-WINNING RESULTS

The investment in developing our working knowledge of lighting from conception, to specification, to execution has captured gains in delivering award-winning environments. Most recently we were named the winners of the 2018 Lutron Excellence Award for Best Use of Lutron’s High-Performance LED Fixtures. The winning project conjoined all trades – architect, lighting designer, home builder, and InnerSpace; and resulted in a truly unforgettable classic, shingle style home overlooking the Long Island Sound.

The lighting plan was designed to illuminate the space while highlighting all the fine details and rich finishes. With a project scope of over 330 Lutron Ivalo Finiré fixtures and 144 circuits of lighting, the ability to partner up with the contracted lighting designer to assess the plans and supply the fixtures was helpful in meeting budgetary requirements, and allowed InnerSpace Electronics to provide a beautifully designed and functioning Lutron QS system to the homeowner.




To learn more about our lighting design services and our lighting brand portfolio click here. To schedule a demo please contact us.

Innerspace Electronics Earns Certification by Home Technology Association

Innerspace Electronics, Inc. a premier custom electronics and home technology integrator, has passed the rigorous requirements necessary to earn certification by the Home Technology Association.

The Home Technology Association is the first independent organization to educate and empower homeowners in their technology purchases, recognize exceptional businesses, and elevate the technology integration industry’s status and stature with a rigorous third-party certification process.

Innerspace Electronics, Inc. Ranked Amongst Top Home Technology Firms
Innerspace Electronics, Inc. has become one of the first in the NY Metro Area to achieve the designation of HTA Certified home technology integration firm. The HTA uses 60+ criteria to evaluate dealers and only the top 10 to 15 percent of dealers nationwide achieve this coveted certification.

HTA Certified dealers like Innerspace Electronics, Inc. exhibit a stellar reputation in the marketplace, a demonstrated history of technical competence, and a commitment to high-quality aftercare service and support. Innerspace Electronics, Inc. commits to adhering to the standards set by the HTA to maintain its status as an HTA certified dealer.

Like Michelin Stars for Home Technology
Consumers buying a diamond know to look for GIA certification from the Gemological Institute of America. Those looking for a high-quality restaurant will look at a chef’s Michelin stars. The HTA seeks to simplify the process of purchasing home technology systems with its certification standards. HTA Certified dealers consistently meet or exceed consumer expectations at every stage of a project, including post-installation service and customer support.

Choosing an HTA Certified Integration Firm Simplifies Smart Home Shopping

In addition to recognizing home technology integration firms that perform at the highest level, the HTA seeks to simplify technology purchases for consumers, taking much of the fear and confusion out of purchasing home technology systems.

The HTA website provides a first-of-its kind home technology budget calculator, as well as an informative collection of articles designed to educate and inspire consumers on topics such as home theaters, media rooms, and smart home systems. Visit to learn more about the HTA and go to to find out how to get the home technology system of your dreams.