It’s your world in living color – naturally. With our newest lighting solutions from Ketra featured in our one-of-a-kind Showroom, you can now experience the most advanced lighting system in the world. High-quality, customizable and as dynamic as the natural sun itself. Also at our Showroom, you’ll see what makes us the leading local technology and smart home provider in the region, with our full range of solutions for lighting, entertainment systems, home theater, networking systems, security, complete control and much more.


For now, let’s look more closely at lighting solutions. Why natural lighting? Well, research has shown that Americans spend about 90% of their time indoors. And that it’s typically spent under harsh, fluorescent light that delivers one bright color, which can be unnatural for the human body rhythms. Natural lighting mimics the sunlight throughout the day, which delivers just the right lighting at exactly the right time to support your circadian rhythm.

Along with our new natural lighting, we offer a full range of state-of-the-art, energy efficient LED architectural light fixtures and architectural lighting solutions. The right LED lighting can support the environment and offer great energy savings as well. And, with our many color options and features including classic white, natural lighting up to a rainbow of colored lights, your design possibilities are endless.


If you’re wondering how this latest lighting actual works, here’s a quick overview. Behind the scenes, the natural lights gradually and gracefully shifted in color intensity and colors throughout the day. This process emulates natural sunlight so that you feel more connected to the outdoors. It also better supports the light your body seeks at specific times of the day, for example, bluer tones in the morning help to wake you up to start your day right. It makes artwork, furniture and people look their best. Additionally, the beauty of this type of lighting is that there are no buttons to press or things to remember to do, it all happens naturally in your home every day to support your natural body rhythms.


The word “circadian” refers to human biology and is all about your body clock. As humans our circadian rhythm is a 24-hour internal clock that runs in the background of our brain and cycles between alertness and sleepiness at regular intervals. Sometimes called the sleep/wake cycle, when cycles are in harmony, we can often achieve better energy and sleep patterns. Enter natural, human-centric lighting. Experts have shown this lighting can support human circadian rhythms. Remember that warm tone you can set on your phone to reduce blue light and calm your eyes in the evening? Well, natural lighting by Ketra does this throughout your entire home – all day and all night long.

“Natural lighting is one of the biggest lighting advancements I’ve seen in this decade. It is truly a game-changing solution that brings health, beauty and wellness into focus.”
– Andrea Reiner, CFO and Co-Founder, InnerSpace Electronics


At InnerSpace, our team has evaluated and worked with many forms of lighting products and systems. Ketra is different from other color changing lights in several ways. This is an architectural lighting system that offers premium lighting experiences for all projects, both home and office. Ketra solutions offer us a full array of lamps and luminaires with multiple beam and trim options, and more advanced technology than traditional tunable white or tunable color solutions. These options, coupled with our other lighting products, allow us to design and configure exactly the right system for you. Plus, we can integrate these lights with the rest of your home system beautifully.


In addition to transforming your environment to a place where health and beauty come first, lighting can be integrated with simple, smart controls that enable you to adjust lighting in one room – or every room – with a press on a keypad or mobile app. When lighting is properly combined with controls, the result is elevated convenience, safety and beauty. Imagine…one touch, and all lights are instantly set to your mood, whether it’s a chill evening at home or you’re hosting a holiday party. We can even help you access and control lights while you’re away on vacation. 


At InnerSpace, our full range of lighting offerings, design, installation and expertise is now all in one place! Our Showroom is a place where you can experience elegant, décor-matching controls, the widest array of LED architectural fixtures, motorized shades and consult with our Lighting Designer, Gelisa Perez. And, for your specific needs, InnerSpace Electronics is your one-stop expert for everything lighting! We’re also proud to be a Diamond Elite Dealer for Lutron.

At InnerSpace, we provide technology excellence across all categories with emphasis on your family’s home entertainment, wellness, décor and lifestyle. We hope you’ll set your private consultation with our team today! 


Whether you are interested in lighting control, motorized window treatments or high-quality LED lighting fixtures, InnerSpace Electronics is your one-stop shop for all things Lutron & Ketra. We are proud to announce our continued Diamond Elite Dealer recognition by Lutron through 2020. The Diamond Elite Dealer status is based on our volume with Lutron, but with that volume comes expertise. 

We are thankful to our industry partners within the design build community, and of course our amazing clients, for without whom we would not be able to achieve this status.

A Smart Home is a Healthy Home

Luxury living is grounded by excellence in comfort, security, beauty, and design. Yet, while we focus on the “things” in our lives, the most important aspect in our lives is often overlooked: our health and well-being. We are excited to announce our partnership with Delos, the Pioneers of Wellness Real Estate, to transform homes into a responsive wellness ecosystem that helps enhance your health and well-being.

DARWIN Premier by Delos was developed after 8 years of intense research about the effects of our environments on our bodies. These effects included how our environments influence our moods and energy levels to how well we sleep and how productive we are throughout the day. DARWIN Premier can help reduce indoor pollutants that can negatively affect respiratory, cardiovascular, immune, and cognitive health.

Air Purification

Clean air is essential to our health and respiratory comfort. However, indoor air quality can be up to 5 times worse than it is outdoors. With microscopic particulate matter and allergens infiltrating our homes, and toxins and pathogens habitually emitted from household material and furnishings, indoor air pollution is considered a top five environmental health risk across the globe.

Circadian Lighting

Our body clocks rely on natural sunlight patterns to synchronize our circadian rhythm, which regulates our energy levels, moods, and sleep quality. We spend 90% of our time indoors with artificial lighting that disrupts this natural rhythm. Delos Circadian Lighting simulates the pattern of sunlight to help regulate your circadian rhythm, for enhanced energy, sleep, and overall well-being.

Water Filtration

Clean water is essential for a healthy life. While we often take the quality of tap water for granted, it can contain pollutants such as bacteria, heavy metals, and public water additives like chlorine, which can lead to a spectrum of short-and-long-term illnesses. Delos Customized Water Filtration offers best-in-class technologies tailored through on-site water testing, third party analysis and historical regional data.

Comfort Elements

Indoor environments have had an increasingly negative impact on our overall well-being, with poor sleep quality becoming a public health concern. Inadequate sleep can lead to chronic health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and depression. Delos Comfort Elements integrate architectural details, technological interventions, and design elements to promote mindful living and enhanced sleep.


Invest in Your Most Critical Asset: Your Health & Well-Being

InnerSpace Electronics Achieves 2019 Diamond Elite Dealer Status

We have been fortunate to have had another successful year with Lutron Electronics. We are proud to announce our continued Diamond Elite Dealer recognition by Lutron through 2019. The Diamond Elite Dealer status is awarded to integrators that have spent upwards of $750,000 in a given year with Lutron. Lutron offers high quality lighting control systems, motorized window treatments, HVAC & LED fixtures that we are proud to design, sell, install, program and maintain for our clients. 

We are thankful to our industry partners within the design build community, and of course our amazing clients, for without whom we would not be able to achieve this status.

Top Reasons Motorized Window Treatments Add Value to Your Life

The position of your home can greatly impact the amount of sun that filters in. The sun rising from the East into your master suite helps you naturally wake-up and start your day, while the sun setting to the West in the afternoon brings an abundance of sunshine into the family room ruining your evening viewing sessions. The strength of the sun not only can bring glare to your activities but also heat up your home causing other mechanical systems to perform harder raising your home’s energy bills.

Motorized window treatments are an ideal solution to introduce into the home to mitigate unfavorable sun conditions, maintain privacy, add a sleek aesthetic and help your home to perform optimally. Longitude and latitude programming capabilities allow system integrators to program your system matched to the suns patterns. Additionally, there are other functional and aesthetic benefits to adding motorized window treatments to a home that we’ve outlined below.

Hard to Reach Spaces – Your home is outfitted with large, high windows that drench your home with natural sunlight that not only helps to illuminate the space but adds increased energy consumption to the room. Due to the height of these windows and the lack of an easy-to-use solution to block the sunlight, you deal with it. With a simple push of a button, a motorized window treatment would allow you to lower the shades adding maximized comfort to the home.

Aesthetics – You’ve spent hours decorating your house to turn it into your home. Motorized shades, drapes and blinds can add so much to the aesthetics of each room. With numerous colors, patterns and textures, the design options are endless. For rooms with dual shades, you can have two different fabrics, such as solar to reduce sun glare, and blackout shades when you want near blackout conditions. The use of two fabrics allows you to instantly transform the space switching from both materials.

Sound Proofing – It’s no surprise that motorized window treatments add a warmth to a room, but did you also know they can help keep the outside noise from disturbing your peace inside your home? A Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) is an average rating of how much sound an acoustic product can absorb. NRC ratings range from 0 to 1 with 0 absorbing no sound and 1 absorbing all sound. The fabric options for the motorized window treatments ratings range from .1-.45 which can dramatically cut down on the outside disturbances.

Protection – The natural light penetrating through the windows boosts everyone’s mood and energy, but it can also be damaging to your floors and furniture. We have all seen the bleaching effects the sun can have on our belongings. Create a timer so that as the afternoon sun streams through the windows, the solar shades automatically lower to protect your décor. Fabrics can range from an openness of 0% to <10% meaning they block 100% to <90% of the sun’s harmful rays. You still get the natural light, but you now have the added protection the solar fabrics give.

Energy Efficient – Not only are motorized window treatments aesthetically pleasing, they can help save on your heating and cooling bills. Open the shades in the winter on the south side of your home to let the sun warm the space. In the summer, use the shades to cover the windows to keep your home cooler and reduce the amount of time your air conditioning is running. Some window treatments are insulated adding an additional way to keep those heating and cooling bills down.

Security – Shading systems can add peace of mind for when you’re not at home or traveling. Pressing the ‘away’ button on your shading keypad will lower the shades so that no one can see in from the street. Putting the shades on a timer will also make it appear like someone is in the home as the shades raise or lower on their own.

Insect Screens – Quickly transform your outdoor living spaces with motorized insect screens. Similar to an indoor window treatment, these screens easily turn your outdoor patio into a covered, insect-free space at. There are multiple fabric options, all of which are weather and wind proof. In fact, these screens can be programmed to retract if the winds exceed certain speeds so no damage occurs to them. The screens can easily be integrated into any control system for seamless control. Increase your home’s entertaining square footage by including insect screens in your next project.

Integrate it All – Many motorized window treatment systems are installed in conjunction with a lighting control system or home automation system. These systems allow you to create ‘scenes’ in your home so that, with a touch of an ‘Entertain’ button, lights dim, shades lower and light music queues up. Through integration of multiple systems into one seamless application, convenience and functionality are easily accessible and offer optimized enjoyment of the homes technology systems.

The Science of it All – If you’re interested in learning about the science behind the sound proofing, glare reduction, thermal management, view preservation or other performance specifications of the fabrics you choose for your home, visit Lutron’s Performance Shading Advisor site to learn about how they test their fabrics to make sure they are only putting out quality products. If you only want to view fabrics that have a specific fire rating, NRC level, or glare diffusing ability, use the tool to narrow down your options to best suit your needs.

To speak with a motorized window treatment specialist or to schedule a free at-home consultation contact us here.

Add brilliance to your LED lighting vocabulary

LED lighting is quickly dominating the market and becoming the standard in new home construction. As the technology continues to improve, manufacturers are offering a wide range of features and functionality built into these energy efficient, high performance fixtures aimed to provide the same experience as incandescent or halogen lightbulbs. Other features and design options include replicating any color on the full color spectrum, programming a light schedule based on geographic location, and ultra-shallow housings allowing more precise light delivery in any space. 

Here are a few terms to add to your LED lighting repertoire. 


This is the measure of light temperature. The lower the number, the warmer the light feels. Standard color temperatures are 2700k, 3000k, 3500k, 4000k, and 5000k. In our homes, where we want the space to feel more comfortable and inviting, we use the warmer color temperatures of 2700k and 3000k. These resemble the incandescent and halogen lamps we are accustomed to, and are often referred to as warm white, or soft white. 

Color Rendering Index (CRI) 

Not all light is created equal. Quality white light is made up of a full spectrum of colored light – every color of the rainbow. When we see color on an object, such as a green leaf, or a red ball, what we are actually seeing is that color of light being reflected off of that object. Natural sunlight is considered the benchmark when it comes to accurately showing the color of objects, so we would say it has a Color Rendering Index, or CRI, of 100. A CRI of 80 to 85 is fine for an office, but in places where color matters, 90 CRI and higher are essential.  


There are many ways to measure light, but the one most commonly used is lumens. Lumens are the amount of light given off by a source. In general, more lumens means more light. An 800 lumen lamp is about the same amount of light as a 60 watt incandescent bulb, while a 1600 lumen lamp is closer to a 100 watt bulb. Some manufacturers call this flux, or luminous flux.  

Tunable White 

This feature allows you to adjust the color temperature of an LED light fixture to replicate any white on the kelvin scale. With customized lighting programs, a schedule can be designed to start your day matching the color temperature of the outside and as the day progresses soften to a warmer, more relaxing glow such as 2700K.  


Warmdim is the new name for something lights have pretty much always done. When we dim an incandescent or halogen lamp, the color of that light changes from a yellow-white to a yellow-orange very warm light. It can make a space feel closer and more intimate. Until recently, LED fixtures couldn’t do this; as the lamp dimmed, it remained at a fixed color temperature, which sometimes felt cold. More and more manufacturers are adding the warm-dim feature, making fixtures that have the same warm glow of an incandescent or halogen lamp. This feature can also be called warm-glow or dim-to-glow. 


Part of the fun of LED lighting is the ability to play with color. Some fixtures have the ability to make any color you want – team colors for a sporting event, or a holiday theme, or just to suit a mood. These fixtures are commonly called RGB or RGBW since they are made up of red, green and blue, or red, green, blue and white LEDs. The difference between RGB and RGBW is that RGB fixtures can make any color, or hue, but an RGBW fixture can also change the value, allowing pastels and softer colors to be created through the addition of white light. 

Dimmers & Drivers 

Dimmers are great for setting a mood and adding flexibility to lighting. Many LED fixtures can be dimmed to very low levels – 5% of visible light is common, and some are going as low as 1% or even .1%. In order to dim correctly, the fixture’s driver, or transformer, needs to be compatible with the dimmer used to control it. There are several standard dimming and control methods used in LED lighting (ELV/Phase dimming, TRIAC, 0-10volt, DALI, EcoSystem, DMX, PWM) and most manufacturers will show what their fixture will work with or offer driver options in the case of a configurable fixture.  


With LED lighting quickly evolving, staying attuned to the advancements and feature sets can lend itself a challenging task. By partnering with a trusted team of lighting professionals we can guarantee your projects incorporate the right lighting design, fixture specification and lighting controls to deliver an exceptional experience.  

Whether you’re a homeowner starting a new project or design-build professional interested in learning more about the many LED fixture brands we supply, we encourage you to schedule a meeting with us today. Click here to schedule