Today’s Housing Market: Home Technology Trends

A recent study conducted by CEA (Consumer Electronics Association) in conjunction with the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) confirmed that home technology is making a positive contribution to the housing market's recovery. This is due to the home buyer's...

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The Features & Benefits of Automated Window Coverings

You're in the kitchen; you hear a gentle swoosh. It must be around sunset, you think, that time of day where the evening sun bursts through your living room windows, hitting the light sensors and prompting your blinds to close so you and your family can easily watch...

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iPad control for home automation

Using the ipad to control home automation was probably the highlight of my decade. Suddenly we were relieved from the shackles of custom interfaces for each of the devices we installed. Instead we could write an application (app) for a single device (the ipad) that...

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