You sit by the pool enjoying a movie streaming to your tablet. Inside, your kids enjoy an online multi-player game. In the den, your spouse downloads music for a dinner party. Later, you have a video conference for work, but you’re not going to think about that right now. You turn back to your movie which is ready because your internet is always available, your access simple, and the connection seamless. Encrypted WiFi keeps your personal data safe. High-speed wired connections let you transfer data between computers instantly. A smart WiFi system lets you roam everywhere in your house and yard without losing your connection. Most importantly, you never have to think about it, it just works.

Always stay connected to the outside world or within the home. A Panasonic phone system with intercom system allows for a single room or whole-house page to make an announcement to the family or to alert the homeowners to someone at the front door.

Today’s smart home may have dozens of devices requiring access to the web and each other. The simple, free networks provided by Internet Service Providers don’t offer the security, stability or robust data handling of a custom-designed commercial-grade home network. Have a large home or yard? High-end wireless systems offer full-property coverage. Allow guests access to the Internet but not access to your personal data network. Today’s network means an enterprise grade system as the backbone of your home.